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American Pride Bail Bonds is a family owned and operated company and we understand how important family and friends are, we understand some have kids that need them, jobs they can't afford to lose, or medical situations among many other things life can throw your way, bad things happen to good people all the time, that's why we are here working 24/7 to help your friends or loved ones out of jail as quickly as possible.

Do you have someone you need to get out of jail?  We can help, just call us at 480-748-7899 and we will get your friends or loved ones out of jail immediately.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to bail bonds companies, so how do you know who to use? The best way, how does the bondsman talk to you? Are they polite, do they take the time to explain the bail process completely? Are they honest with you? Are you comfortable with them?

At American Pride Bail Bonds, we will take the time to explain the process, and your responsibilities whether you are the person being bailed out, or you are the person bailing someone else out. We treat people with respect and with fairness. If you need someone bonded out of jail, or just have a question about the process, call us at 480-748-7899, we’re here to help!

We know the system in Arizona, so if you need bail or you need to post bail for someone close to you, family or friends call us we are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year so that we can get you or your friends or loved ones out of jail fast. Get a professional Bail Bonds Company working for you today, Call Us Now!



Bond Process And Service Areas


Bond Process And Responsibility

The bail process is fairly simple, but it’s important to know the truth. We will not tell you something just to “bait and switch” you to get your business dishonestly. 

The following may help.

First of all, when you find out how much the bond is on the person you are wanting to bail out, find out if it is a secured or cash only bond. A secured bond means that we can post a “paper” bond at the jail, instead of having to pay the whole bond in cash. If it is a “cash only” bond, then that means the whole bond, regardless of the amount, has to be paid to the jail in cash.

On a secured bond, there are usually two things required, the bond premium and collateral for the bond. For example, if a defendant has a $10,000 bond, the premium on the bond would be 10% of the bond which would be $1,000.00 plus any fees that may be necessary. Then there would be some type of personal or real property that is worth at least $10,000. The person offering up the property is called the indemnitor. The indemnitor is taking financial responsibility for the defendant and the bond, so make sure you’re willing to put your financial resources on the line for the person that you’re bonding out.

The bond premium and fees are non-refundable as soon as the bond is posted. 

Whatever the indemnitor puts up for collateral is returned as soon as the defendant’s case is completed (sentenced, case dropped, etc.) and the judge exonerates (releases) the bond.

If the defendant misses court, the court will set what is called a forfeiture hearing. That hearing is to determine if there was good reason for the defendant to miss court. If it’s determined that there was not good reason to miss court, the bond will be forfeited and the full amount of the bond has to be paid to the court. At that time the indemnitor can pay the bond, or the bail bond company can liquidate the collateral that was put up for the bond to pay the court.

One solution is for the bonding company to find the defendant and arrest him/her and put him/her back in jail. There are additional fees for this to the indemnitor, but it will usually save the bond and the indemnitor from paying the full bond amount if the the defendant is put back in jail before the forfeiture hearing.

During the time frame of the case the defendant is bonded out on, the defendant will be required to check in weekly with the bonding company, failure to do so can be taken as the defendant defaulting on his/her bail agreement. 

If you have any other questions that you need answered or would like to bond somebody out please call us at 480-748-7899 we are available 24/7.

Service Areas

Serving all of Arizona 

Maricopa County, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale 

Pinal County, Gila County, Yavapai County, Mohave County, Pima County, Coconino County, and all City Jails. 

Types Of Bonds Facilitated

City Bonds

-Any City, Any Time, we cover all City Jails in Arizona 

Walk-In Bonds

-If you have a bondable warrant we can walk-in and bond you out on the spot. 

Misdemeanor Bonds



-Disorderly Conduct 

-Criminal Trespass 

-Criminal Damage 

- Etc.


Felony Bonds 

- Theft Of Means 

- Aggravated Assault 

- Aggravated D.U.I 

- Prohibited Possessor

- Misconduct Involving Weapons 


Warrant Check 

-Think you have a warrant? 

-We offer a FREE warrant check and walk-in bond service.

Locate an Inmate 

-Did your friend or loved one get arrested? 

-Can't seem to locate the facility they are at? 

We can help, we know how to locate your friend or loved one who has been arrested. 

Notary Service Available 24/7

-Mobile Notary

-In-Office Notary

Nationwide Bond Service Available 

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